Meet Your Maker Monday: Gene Hester of Genesis Art Glass

Gene Hester started Genesis Art glass 36 years ago after studying ceramics. He has made hundreds of glass panels and worked with the Houston Arts Alliance, the Flores Public Library, the City of Houston, Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism, numerous churches and other artists. 

All photos by Marisa Brodie


HMS: What is your name, company, URL, and social media links?

Gene Hester, Genesis Art Glass Studio,, facebook 



Bowls based on Gene's quilt inspired designs


HMS: What do you make?

Stained glass panels for windows and doors, Fused glass bowls and platters. I am a commission studio. I do lots of glass repairs, from stemware to glass sculptures to stained glass windows.


HMS: What does a typical day look like for you?

Besides designing new ideas, I am juggling glass projects, with answering the phone, doing janitorial work as well as bookkeeping. 


 HMS: Why did you decide to start your own business and why Houston?

I've always wanted to work for myself. I original moved to Houston to learn how to re-lead an old stained glass window I had purchased.


Genesis' studio front door


Gene and Liz Conces Spencer are currently collaborating on a project for the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism.

HMS: What are your inspirations and how do they guide your work?

I'm interested in new techniques getting incorporated into my designs. Working with glass powders to produce my own sheet glass designs, fusing many layers of glass to get thicker glass pieces to use in sculptures. Recycling scrape glass by casting into sculpture pieces.


 HMS: What's next for Genesis?

Finishing a collaborative work with Liz Conces Spencer for Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism. It's a fused glass project consisting of 3 panels that has been under construction for over a year now.  Plus Liz and are working on our joint art show at Archway Gallery for the month of February 2014 and we are pursuing leads for commercial commission work.


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