Field Trip Friday: Space Montrose

With three successful years under its belt, Space Montrose is one of the clearest examples that Houstonians are excited by spaces dedicated to independent artists and crafters. The store features the work of over one-hundred and fifty artists, with an impressive range of products including jewelry, art prints, clothing, cards, beauty products- all displayed in a way that aesthetically provides an “exhibition style retail experience.”

The owners of Space Montrose, husband and wife duo Leila and Carlos Peraza, have a unique vision to offer Houstonians a place with soul, "where people can come to step away from the corporate playground that Houston is.”

The best part of the job? For Leila, the reward lies in supporting artists. 

“I think having all of these amazing artists come together creates a beautiful energy in the store. What's cool about Space is that a lot of artists have made this their full time job. Seeing that their work does well in our store, making them happy- that means a lot."

In the next month, Space Montrose is relocating across the street to the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy. Even though the move is just a few yards, it means greater visibility, more foot traffic, and space for more artists.

“It's a blank canvas for us to re-create Space, we have new artists, we will keep working with our existing artists- the future is exciting.”

Make sure to stop by Space Montrose at their new location!

It opens next week in the new location, 1706 Westheimer. 

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