Workshop Wednesday: Fabric Stamping

Our first Workshop Wednesday is a fabric stamping tutorial, taught by Lindsay Burns of Lotti. The photos were taken at a recent Makerspace in the Making Class, we will be holding these events throughout the months to come- stay updated on the Houston Makerspace Facebook page and join us for our next event!


To begin, you need a few basic materials. Acrylic stamping blocks and paint can be bought inexpensively at most craft stores, try Texas Art Supply and shop locally!


The hardest part of this simple project is choosing what to design. Start by drawing shapes on scratch paper with a pencil. Once you have sketched out a design that fits on the acrylic block, re-draw it on the foam sheet and cut it out. Hot glue the foam pieces to the acrylic block, and you have a stamp! 


Paint the stamp with any color paint. If you plan on washing your fabric frequently, stick with fabric paint. When you're ready to apply the stamp, make sure to place a plastic bag or protective layer in between the fabric you are stamping and the back layer- this will keep the paint from seeping onto the rear side of your shirt or canvas bag.


Needless to say, I was only participating in and not teaching this class! It can be tricky to find the right amount of paint and pressure to put on the stamp. For the most luck, choose a simple shape. Happy making!

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Copyright Houston Makerspace, LLC 2013.  Background images by Marisa Brodie and Alex Barber.