Workshop Wednesday: Jump Ring with My Flaming Heart

by Cecelia White

Walking into the beautifully strange antique jewelry paradise My Flaming Heart is seriously inspirational. With such a wide selection of unique beads, charms, and objects, you'll find yourself wanting to create magnificent jewelry yourself. Luckily, the owner Judy and the other women who run this shop are absolutely delightful, and in one quick lesson, Deb taught me how to make the most basic jewelry necessity:  a jump ring.


Jump rings are used to attach clasps, charms, and pendants on a chain. The hardest part of making a jump ring is finding the tools- in this case, a pair of round nose cutters or pliers, and a head pin- all which can be purchased in varying colors and sizes at any craft store.


To make a jump ring, you wont need the head on your pin, so snip it off using the cutters. Then, keeping the pin firmly between the pliers, twist your wrist so the pin naturally curves around the tool, forming a ring. 


With your little jump ring, you can make many beautiful pieces of jewelry. These rings can keep beads in place and connect them to chains. My Flaming Heart carries an assortment of beads and chains to begin making your own jewelry, be sure to stop by and support a lovely local haven.

Copyright Houston Makerspace, LLC 2013.  Background images by Marisa Brodie and Alex Barber.