Workshop Wednesday: How to Make Seed Bombs

By Liz Young

Invite your friends over and get ready for some guerilla gardening! Seed Bombs are an easy way to secretly plant flowers and other vegetation in unsuspecting boring patches of grass, ugly vacant lots, the side of the highway, or anywhere you want to add a little natural decor! They're capsuled in biodegradable material, so the seeds grow and the rest dissolves back into the soil. This fun how-to craft comes from Maclean Smyth of Houston Makerspace and Dear Cormorant. 


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Things you'll need:

  • paper
  • seeds of your choice
  • paper shredder or scissors
  • old blender or food processor
  • water
  • candy molds or ice cube trays (optional)

Step One: Start shredding paper, and be sure not to use thick or glossy paper for this. If you don't have access to an electric shredder, use good old fashioned scissors to cut thin strips. Regular printer paper or even tissue paper work best.

Step Two: Soak your paper shreds in a big bowl of water overnight to soften up your paper.

Step Three: Get out your old blender or food processor and place your soaked shreds in handfuls at a time. Add enough extra water so that it covers the paper entirely and process in batches until you turn all of your paper to pulp. (TIP: Make sure to use more water than you'd expect, the excess will be drained out later, and this will prevent your blender's motor from overheating!)

For blender or processor, think resale, or an old one you have that you don't mind using, since you won't want to use this for food anymore.

For blender or processor, think resale, or an old one you have that you don't mind using, since you won't want to use this for food anymore.

Step Four: Drain pulp in a coriander for a few minutes, then mix in the seeds of your choice. You can also make different batches with different seeds. Once seeds are evenly mixed throughout, put mixture in an old towel and squeeze out any leftover excess water. Transfer mixture back to your bowl.

Step Five: You can now press your seed bomb mix into candy molds or ice cube trays. For this project, Maclean used mushroom and squirrel shaped candy molds by Bake It Pretty. You can also simply roll the mixture into balls with your hands. 

Step Six: After you've got your seed bombs into desired shapes, let them sit on a rack to dry out for a day or two. 


You are now ready to add some fun to your own garden or a deserted lot! Maclean explains just a little info and Seed Bombs and their maintenance: 

"Paper seed bombs should be planted under a shallow layer of soil and watered regularly. Read the back of your seed packet for information on where your seeds would like to grow best, be it a sunny or shady spot, with lots of water or not so much."


All photos by: Maclean Smyth


Have fun, and don't be shy! Leave a comment to ask any questions and let us know how your DIY project went! As always check back next week for another Workshop Wednesday! 

We look forward to seeing you all soon, at the Houston Makerspace booth at Pop Shop Houston this weekend!

Copyright Houston Makerspace, LLC 2013.  Background images by Marisa Brodie and Alex Barber.