Meet Your Maker Monday: Chasity Porter



Chasity Porter is a mixed media artist home-based in Houston. Her unique art combines collage, design and assemblage. Chasity's art work is exhibited locally and internationally. You can currently see her work up at the in-Depth exhibition in conjunction with the Texas Sculpture Group at the Texas Art Car Museum. 



All photos by Marisa Brodie.

All photos by Marisa Brodie.

 What is your name, company, URL, and social media links?

Chasity Porter, Works by Chasity Porter, Website:



What do you make? How do you make it?

am a mixed media artist. I mostly make collages and assemblages.


 What does a typical day look like for you?

Wow, my days are typically chaotic, but in a good way. I have two small daughters so I first have to get them up and ready for school. Then, I head off to my amazing day job at For All Occasions where I am a designer. Sometimes after work I have errands to run, or I help out with Framing at Valverde Studios. Then back to Missouri City, where I pick up my girls, spend time with them and my husband and so on. If I’m lucky, I get to spend a few hours in the studio, with or without the kids. It seems that I spend less time on my artwork than everything else, but that is so far from true, I am always working. My brain is making art even as I am typing this now. Every interaction that I have is a potential idea for a piece of work. Sometimes I find myself over worked and overwhelmed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


 Why did you start your own business and why in Houston?

I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I grew up in Houston. I had amazing art teachers who cared about my art education. I met John Biggers when I was in seventh grade while working on a project with the Museum of Art to create a mural for third ward. In high school. I was a docent for the museum as well. Everything that I have known, learned and experienced in art has been here, so why move? We have such a welcoming and talented community of artists, galleries, and collectors here. I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be.


 What are you continuously interested in learning? Does it get incorporated in your work?  

My main inspirations come from my everyday life. Every day I see or hear something I’ve never seen or heard before. I am constantly moving and learning, and growing. Almost every piece of art that I’ve ever created was inspired by a moment in my life, whether it was an emotion brought on by a movie I’ve seen, or song I’ve heard. Or perhaps it was a person I met, or something funny my daughter(s) said. My eyes and ears are always open and I am so open to new experiences. I am inspired by just living and feeling. That is what inspires me.


 What's next for you? 

That’s hard to say. For now I’ll just continue doing what I’ve been doing.


What do you want people to know about your work

My work is personal. Every time you look at a piece of my work, you are looking at me. I don’t try to be something that I’m not. I struggled a long time with trying to find myself and trying so hard to be liked by everybody, I don’t anymore. That to me was more exhausting than my typical day. I don’t know how not to be an artist. I make art and I enjoy every tedious moment of it. 


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