Workshop Wednesday: How to make Your own Glass Jar Snow Globe Necklace

By Liz Young


With the holidays right around the corner, this adorable little DIY makes the perfect gift, or fun holiday project to work on with the whole family!

snow globe necklace2.jpg

Things You'll Need:

Mini Glass Jars (available at craft stores or online)

Mini Christmas tree or other tiny object you want to showcase in your snowglobe

Jewelry Chain

Jump Ring

Hot glue gun

Extra Fine glitter, white (silver optional)


Wire Cutters

Round nose pliers

tree necklace steps 1-3v2.png

Step One: Cut the top of your mini Christmas tree off to make it even smaller if it is too large

Step Two: Using toothpick, carefully apply hot glue to the bottom of your mini jar, and then place your tree or object inside. Hot glue dries very fast, so you want to make sure you get a good amount in your jar and attach your tree quickly. 

Step Three: Let dry completely, then fill your pendant with desired amount of glitter or snow. Use Extra fine glitter because it looks more like snow.


Step Four: Once your mini winter wonderland is assembled the way you like, Attach your jump ring through the cork, bending it at the bottom to ensure it stays in bottle. put hot glue on the cork, and seal! Attach chain, and wear or give them as awesome Christmas gifts!

Note: You can also attach little charms to the inside using an eye hole pin, just push it through cork, attach charm making another eye hole loop, and seal your mini jar the same way!


See you all again next week for another Workshop Wednesday!




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