Workshop Wednesday: Etched Wine Glasses

By Liz Young


Yet another perfect gift for the holidays, especially for the wine-lover in your life! This etched glass project adds a personalized touch to make your gifts extra special. 

Things You'll Need:

Wine glasses, or any glass you want to etch

ArmourEtch glass etching cream (8.99 found at most craft stores)

Sponge brush

Glass Etching stencils

Masking tape or scotch tape

Protective gloves


Step One: Make sure your glass is clean and dry

Step Two: Cut out your stencils, and arrange on a piece of paper, to get an idea of the design and/or text you want.



Step Three: When finished arranging design, attach a piece of tape along the top rim of glass for a guideline to keep your letters straight.

Step Four: Take the backing off of stencil, place on glass, and rub it until it sticks to glass and comes away from it's protective coating. Repeat this until all letters are attached.


Step Five: Once you have all of your design in its place, tape all around the edges enough so that you don't get any etching cream on any unwanted areas. Make sure the tape is sealed tight, or you will get a frosted look when rinsing off the cream.

Step Six: Apply etching cream liberally until all of your design is covered.


Step Seven: Leave the cream on glass for 2-3 minutes. Rinse cream off thoroughly, along with stencils, take tape off, dry, and voila! Your personalized etched glass is complete! 

photo (2).jpg

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