Meet Your Maker Monday: Marco & Jessica Guerra

When they're not busy in their day job painting architectural renderings, Marco and Jessica Guerra have secret identities as printmakers Guerra Studios and Guerra Girl. These two transplants to Houston have embraced the city and its art scene, and it shows in the woodblocks that they carve.

All photos by Alex Barber

All photos by Alex Barber

What is your name, company, URL, and social media links?

Marco Guerra, Guerra Studios,, Instagram: @guerrastudios, Facebook: Don’t Be Scared, Flickr: Guerra Studios

Jessica Jill Guerra, Guerra Girl,, Instagram: @jessicajillguerra, Facebook: Guerra Girl, Flickr: Guerra Girl


What do you make?

Marco: My recent focus has been on my Don’t Be Scared series of woodblock prints, gouache paintings and graphic art, which invite you in and make the side show, the street and the curious feel quaint and familiar.

Jessica: I make woodblock prints, and mixed media prints with watercolor, usually on paper. I recently started printing my woodblocks on fabrics and making patches with my designs. Marco and I also have ongoing freelance careers painting architectural renderings here in our home studio.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Marco: Watch news, check schedule for projects, walk Youngblood to school and any other time is spent researching and designing, carving, printing, painting and executing.

Jessica: My days (and nights & weekends) usually plan themselves based on deadlines for architectural renderings, shows, and caring for and enjoying our two boys. Every other minute is spent in the studio creating, printing, and painting. As a family we spend a lot of time in the studio. 


Why did you decide to start your own business and why Houston?

Marco: I moved to Houston in ’97 and fell in love with the city. I wanted people to see what I see and feel a connection to the things I love.

Jessica: Houston is an awesome city and has something for everyone. I went to high school in Dallas but have spent most of the rest of my life here in Houston discovering and fine-tuning my interests. The art community in Houston does not disappoint.


What are your inspirations and how do they guide your work?

Marco: I am inspired by the punk flyer, monster art, and the lowbrow art of the tattoo and hot rod culture along with my South Texas roots and the city I live in now. Staying true and local are my guides.

Jessica: My inspirations come from so many angles: nature, nooks and crannies in the city, fashion, vintage shopping, pattern, an interesting upbringing, and pops of neon. I am constantly inspired and always thinking of making art. It takes a certain creative frame of mind for me to gather my inspirations and materials and give life to the process. Velvety paper, or as of recent, velvet and making an inky impression are pure pay off.


What's next for Marco and Jessica Guerra?

Marco: Neopopstreetfunk 5 opens this Friday the 13th, and staying connected.

Jessica: We hope to continue carving out a spot in the Houston art community, learning new techniques and expanding and fine-tuning our skills.


What do you want people to know about your work?

Marco: I like simple and strong designs incorporating curious images from daily life that I hope people can relate to and enjoy.

Jessica: I enjoy the process of making art very much and my work holds immense meaning for me. I just hope my work always reflects the charmed life I live.


Copyright Houston Makerspace, LLC 2013.  Background images by Marisa Brodie and Alex Barber.