Meet Your Maker Monday: Travis Weaver of Manready Mercantile and TS Weaver & Co

This week we caught up with Travis Weaver of Manready Mercantile and TS Weaver & Co. Travis will be giving a lecture this Friday on "Branding, Labeling and Packaging Your Handmade Products" . Click here to go to the Facebook event page and read on to learn more about Travis!

HMS: The basics: what is your name, company, URL, and social media links?

T.S. Weaver

Manready Mercantile + T.S. Weaver & Co.

Instagram/Twitter: @manreadymerc and @tsweaverco


HMS: What do you make?

TW: Manready Mercantile focuses on apothecary and home goods while T.S. Weaver & Co. focuses on durable dry goods from leather, canvas, metal, and wood.


HMS: What does a typical day look like for you?

TW: Wake up early and go to bed late. Sleeping is for old people. I have a pretty strict schedule that I have to keep to and have my days, weeks, and months planned out. I have time set aside for social media, emails, calls, designing, making, accounting, marketing, and errands. I try to stick to the daily plan.

HMS: What is your favorite food?

TW: Probably Mexican food, but I'll eat anything that sticks to my ribs. Anything but fast's disgusting.

HMS: What do you do in your spare time/what hobbies do you have?

TW: Long walks on the beach, writing poetry, and roller blading.......just kidding. I recently started cross-fit which is awesome. Also, I like camping, fishing, and jacking around with my Weimaraner, Dylilah. She's entertaining to say the least. Honestly, I really like doing leather work as a hobby. If you can have a business that's also a hobby, well, you scored big time! 

HMS: What are your long term maker goals? Are you opening a shop, launching other brands, etc?

TW: I want to keep designing new products with a twist and grow the two brands. Additionally, I want to continue adding other makers' brands to my site, Some day, I would certainly like to have a storefront that host events and helps other makers by putting them on the fast track.


HMS: Personal project plug: what about Houston Makerspace makes you the most excited? 

TW: I think Houston Makerspace is great inspiration to people that want to "make" it in this world. I think it's a great way for people to explore and find their creative soul while being able to watch and consult with others that have already been through the process. Most give up because they don't have advice or help, so I think this is a great support system that Houston, along with other cities, desperately need.

HMS: What advice do you have for aspiring makers?

TW: Don't follow the trends. Be the one that made the trend. 

---On a less "deep" approach, I would say to really have strong marketing material and packaging for whatever it is. Lots of folks have great products but get shot down because they don't have the whole package. They get shot down from customers, retailers, online orders, or whatever. The business cards, flyers, labels, and all the other stuff is what makes you and your company the complete package. If you're missing any of those key items, the public will sniff it out and you lose credibility. My advice is to do everything right the first time and go in strong and that doesn't mean spending a lot of money btw....oh, and work your ass off!

Work hard, live well.

T.S. Weaver


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