Field Trip Friday: Fly High Little Bunny

Okay. This place has been open since 1994. With an appropriate name that means "go get em," Cody, store owner, went around the world to find jewelry and accessories he thought would sell.  Although FHLB doesn't have very many local pieces, it is full of fabrics and jewelry that were crafted in places like Turkey, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and the Caribbean, existing still as an example of a place where unique, creative pieces can be shared with the community.  Because of the means to get the pieces - traveling, buying, and reselling, the prices aren't what you might find on the internet or in a world market chain. By that, I mean they are a little higher.

I spent some time talking to Cody in the shop, and we discussed the evolution of retail, how information on the internet has changed the purpose of brick and mortar stores. Cody explains the difficulties of selling jewelry as a local business, when shops tend to serve as samples of what can be then purchased later on the internet.


FHLB exists as an example to creatives everywhere in showing how time and technology are changing retail.  Word of mouth has a power that once had a telephone effect; now it's a full on broadcast. This can be good and bad.  Independent creatives need to prioritize and understand how to use the Mighty Interwebs.  As for Cody, importance comes down to liking what you do, being honest with loyal clientele and with yourself.  That being said, Cody is still figuring out what he likes.


FHLB won't be around much longer, as the end of the lease is coming up this year.  Maybe Cody will decide to continue his travels indefinitely or relocate (or stick around?).  With this in mind, you might not have a lot of time to check out the store - if not to buy the jewelry, to have a decent chat about business with someone who's been in retail for twenty years.  On Shepard just off Alabama, FHLB exists at 3120 South Shepard Drive.  And you know, whatever happens, Fly High Little Bunny.


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