Workshop Wednesday: How to Make a Constellation Lamp

By Liz Young


Brighten up a room with this fun and easy to make constellation lamp! 


Things you'll need:

Thick paper or cardstock

A lighting source, such as poster lights, or a portable battery operated small light


Needles or other pointed oblect to poke holes into paper

Mason jar or any glass jar

Blue or black paint (if your paper isn't already colored)


Step One: Look at pictures of constellations online, and poke holes in your paper using the needles. I used upholstery needles, because you can get varying sizes for your stars. Make sure your constellation points are fairly large so they are easy to see, and then add smaller holes around them.


Step Two: Once you have all of your constellations marked, paint your paper blue, purple, black, or any color you wish your galaxy to be! You can also used dark-colored paper, but paint can create a more galaxy-like feel to your piece.

Step Three: Once your paper has dried, cut it to fit around your glass jar. 

Step Four: Glue your paper to your jar, line up the two edges, and seal them down.

Step Five: Insert your lights, turn them on, and seal the lid.

Step Six: Watch your constellation lantern glow! You can set it near a wall and project the galaxy into your room too! 


This can also be done on a larger scale by creating an entire lampshade using this method!



See you all next week for another fun Workshop Wednesday!

Copyright Houston Makerspace, LLC 2013.  Background images by Marisa Brodie and Alex Barber.