Field Trip Friday: Casa Ramirez

Macario Ramirez of Casa Ramirez, in the brief interaction we had, told me that the philosophy behind Casa Ramirez was about sharing culture and traditions.  The store is full of reminders and accessories to Mexican-American folk art for the Latino community.

Also available at Casa Ramirez are classes which provide a learning environment about these cultures and traditions.

Casa Ramirez is full of trinkets and statues, mirrors and hats, bags and books.  Flowers, Dia de los Muertos skulls, jewelry.  FULL.

Additionally, this month, ongoing through February 26th, Casa Ramirez is hosting The Heart Show, in honor of San Valentino.

Casa Ramirez is part of the 19th Street Market in the Heights, along with many other locally owned shops. It exists at
241 W 19th Street.


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