Workshop Wednesday: Super simple wire wrapped pendant necklace

This week's DIY project is incredibly simple and requires zero experience - just grab a pretty briolette-shaped bead, some wire, and some chain and you're more than half way to making an elegant, understated pendant necklace.


Simple Pendant Necklace Materials:

1 briolette bead (briolettes are tear-drop shaped and have a hole drilled horizontally through the point of the drop - I'm using one of my favorite stones, labradorite)
fine-gauge craft wire (I'm using 20 gauge)
fine-gauge chain (each link needs to be large enough for 2 pieces of your craft wire to fit through)
1 clasp (so two pieces, one for each side of the necklace)
wire cutters
needle nose pliers

1. Cut a few inches of wire and slide your bead into the center of it, bending the wire so the bead is positioned like a drop.

2. Tightly twist the two sides of the wire together to create one tight twist coming up from the bead. Using your pliers to hold the top of the wire while you twist from the bottom with the bead will create a clean, tight twist.

3. Cut your desired length of chain for your necklace. Slide the twist of wire through the very center chain link. If the fit of the wire through the chain is snug, use your needle nose pliers to pull the wire through.

4. Bend your twisted wire down to make a 90 degree angle and wrap the long part of the wire around itself at the top of the bead to secure the bead to the chain. You'll make a few passes, then use your wire cutters to clip the left over wire (if any). Use your needle nose pliers to clamp down any rough wire edges to press them into place to avoid jagged wire edges.

5. Use the same wire twist then wrap technique to secure your clasp pieces to each side of your chain.

Boom. Necklace complete.


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See y'all next week!


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