Workshop Wednesday: DIY Polymer Clay Ring Dishes

Today's Workshop Wednesday is brought to you by Carole Smith of the Houston ceramics studio McCheeks Academy. We are making super simple, super cute leaf-imprinted ring dishes from polymer clay that you can find at any art supply store like our own local Texas Art Supply.

clay tut13.JPG


DIY Polymer Clay Ring Dish

You will need:

Fimo soft polymer clay in colors you like

Rolling pin

3-inch or so in diameter cookie cutters (optional)

Leaves from the yard or your neighbors! (the thicker and more detailed the best, fig leaves are especially good)

Letter stamps (optional)

Oven or toaster oven

Tempera paint



Step One

Get some soft polymer clay like Fimo:

Fimo comes in strips:

Break off three strips and work it into a ball. 

I like to do it bit by bit to soften the polymer clay and then join it all together to make a really nice round ball ( it needs to have the heat of your hands to make it pliable).

The ball I used was around an inch and a quarter in diameter:

Step 2

Roll out the clay ball with your rolling pin until it is around 3 inches in diameter and flat. It's best to keep on picking up the clay in between rolling so it doesn't stick to the surface. I roll on clean white printer paper and make sure have clean hands, especially when using the white polymer clay.

Step 3

Choose a leaf to lay on top and roll into the clay to create an imprint.

Gently take off the leaf.

If you want to make your dish a neater, or more definite shape , you can now cut the outside diameter circle with the cookie cutter.

Step 4

If you want to add words, press some mini letter stamps into the clay in your desired position.

Step 5

Turn up the edges of the clay to make it into a rimmed dish, I like to pinch the edges a bit with my fingers to create a thinner edge.

Step 6

Ready for the oven, check instructions on polymer clay packet.

For Fimo soft, set your over to 230 Fahrenheit and bake for 30 minutes.

Step 7

Wait until cool and then if you want, paint on some sparkly tempera paint and then using a damp sponge, take off the paint from the top surface to leave the color in the grooves of the leaf pattern and letters only:

Step 8

Now collect your favorite rings and give them a new home!

About Carole Smith:

Carole makes and teaches ceramics in Houston. She teaches kids and adults at her studio- called McCheeks Academy in the Heights.

She also has her own line of ceramics including cups, mugs, plates jewelry, and planters called McCheek's Mayhem. She sells them directly from her studio by appointment and through Space Montrose and Hello-Lucky.

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