Studio Opportunities at Houston Makerspace

We currently have two options for private studio space at Houston Makerspace

Private Studio Update!

The requests for private studio space at Houston Makerspace have been overwhelming! We are excited that so many of you want to call Houston Makerspace your home, and currently have two options for you:

As many of you know, we have big plans to build out our mezzanine into climate-controlled private studios. This project is still in it's funding stage, but due to overwhelming request we have decided to make this space available for rental immediately! What does this mean for you?
  • the ability to select any size area in our 3,000+ square foot mezzanine from 50-1000 square feet for less than $1/square foot
  • first choice of built-out, climate-controlled studios once funding is secured (essentially, we can build walls around the space you're already using)
  • access to renters-only membership rates to use our tools and machines
  • the ability to work among a diverse and motivated group of makers and the opportunity to collaborate and share resources organically
Space in the mezzanine is renting fast! For more information or to rent space, please email or call (713) 808-9708
In addition to the mezzanine, we are pleased to offer one climate controlled office/studio on the first floor of our warehouse. Below you can see an example of how this office was set up by a previous tenant, as well as two photos of the raw space:
This office/studio is located on the first floor, with three windows and doors leading to the classroom, computer lab, and Director's office. There is a restroom less than 6 feet away, and the lobby and kitchen are less than 20 feet away. This room measures just shy of 250 square feet and has it's own thermostat and a/c unit. We will be selecting a tenant for this space based on highest bid and best fit. Offers will be accepted until August 15th.
If you are interested in this space, please email or call (713) 808-9708.

Thank you again for your interest! See you soon!

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