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Introduction to Lasercutting


Until recently, lasers were reserved for superheroes, the government, and pearly white teeth.  Now at Houston Makerspace, you can begin your journey to laser mastery!

This course introduces you to the 130 watt Hurricane laser cutter. Students will learn the principles of cutting and engraving via intense beams of laser light. A classroom session will cover history, safety, and software preparation.  We will discuss materials, thicknesses, speed and applied power. What is the difference between vector and raster art?  You'll know at the end of this class!  This will be followed by an instructor demonstration at the machine where students will learn how to operate the laser cutter, then you will jump in and try your hand at lasercutting.

Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that students have a basic knowledge of how to create vector-based files (i.e- .ai, .eps, .dxf, .dwg, .cdr file extensions) before taking this class. 

**Closed-toe shoes are a requirement**

Copyright Houston Makerspace, LLC 2013.  Background images by Marisa Brodie and Alex Barber.