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Crochet: Reading Patterns

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For those who have taken Crochet 101: Basics or those ready to advance your crochet skills, this class is for you!

The class will be 3 hours where you will learn how to read crochet patterns . You will learn the common crochet notations, and how to get accurate results. The class will end with a crochet strawberry project that will reinforce the skills that you would have learn in the class.

This class is inclusive of all of your supplies and fees. For just $35, not only will you leave with your strawberry decoration, but also with your yarn and hook that you used in the class, fully prepared to tackle any future crochet projects!


Chynna DeHoyos is a self taught crocheter, who has been crocheting for 4 years. Chynna became interested in crochet when she found cute animals made from yarn. After much research on how people created these yarn animals, she came to find out that it was crochet! That is how she started her love affair with crochet. She is very excited to be teaching her first crochet class and to shared her passion and skills with others.

When not crocheting, she can be found exploring everything that Houston has to offer!

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