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Autumn ‘Maters: Bountiful Tomatoes in the Fall Months

Tomatoes are not just for spring! Houston’s climate is ripe for a crop of fall tomatoes. Learn from the folks of Edible Earth Resources everything you need to know to plant fall tomatoes, including how and when fall plantings should occur, and what varietals to choose for the best chances of success. You’ll leave with bushels of tomato information, including a tomato seedling so you can start using your newfound knowledge right away. Several varietals will be available for purchase as well. Bring your tomato questions and get some answers from our trusty professors. Admission is $35 per student. Keep an eye out for our future canning and pickling class at harvest time.

About Your Instructors:

Edible Earth Resources is a full service Houston-based edible gardening firm intent on bringing fresh fruits and veggies to yards all over the city. Specializing in edible landscapes, fruit tree installations, and restaurant gardens, they are the best in the business if you want to turn your property into a fruiting paradise. More info at:

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