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Organic Pest Management with Edible Earth Resources

photo by Alex Barber

photo by Alex Barber

What's that pest eating my plants? How do I get rid of it without harming my plants or the bugs I want in my garden? This month you can join the experts from Edible Earth Resources for an "Organic Pest Management" class and learn how to keep your plants healthy and pest free. Topics covered also include common pest identification and how to respond in a sustainable manner when you do have an infestation. This class will take place in the classroom at Houston Makerspace.




About Edible Earth Resources

Edible Earth Resources is a full service Houston-based edible gardening firm intent on bringing fresh fruits and veggies to yards all over the city. Specializing in edible landscapes, fruit tree installations, and restaurant gardens, they are the best in the business if you want to turn your property into a fruiting paradise. More info at:

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