Are you interested in volunteering for a dynamic company exposing Houstonians to the global maker movement? Are you jumping at the thought of having access to 3D printers, screenprinting presses, CNC machines and more under one roof? Do you believe that a solidified community of makers is something Houston could benefit from? Are you a maker who could teach a class?

Houston Makerspace is actively seeking volunteers to assist us with various duties! You do not need to be a maker to volunteer with HMS; we need individuals with a variety skills and backgrounds.

Information about Volunteering with Houston Makerspace

For volunteers that want to be involved on an as-needed basis, we are always looking for on-call people to help out on volunteer work days at our warehouse, working our booth at events, distributing flyers and posters on our street team, helping with fundraising, PR/marketing, graphic design, sponsorship, web stuff, etc. Individuals interested in this type of volunteering should fill out our brief Volunteer Interest Form. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to get you involved.

We are also looking for more Staff Volunteers to add to our Operations, Facilities and Educational Programming teams. This position involves a six hour a week commitment, and in exchange each staff volunteer receives free membership to Houston Makerspace, 50% off classes and various other perks tailored individually to the volunteer (like business mentoring, priority access, etc). If you are interested in interviewing to be part of our team, please send a cover letter and resume to maclean@houstonmakerspace.com

About our Teams:

The Operations Team works at the front desk and handles all sorts of paperwork and office duties. They act as the concierge for Houston Makerspace and there is at least one of them here all the hours we are open (Tuesday-Saturday 10 am - 8 pm). They handle membership paperwork and new member orientations, and many of them hold positions running shops as well. They really are the backbone of our facility, and many of them have been with us since we started. They have a regular schedule, and many of them work more than one shift a week. This team reports to the Operations Team Leader.

The Facilities Team keeps the warehouse and shops in tip-top shape for our members. They are responsible for building out the shops, maintenance, and general cleaning tasks as necessary. Some of the tasks they could be tackling include building tables and shelves, creating new shops, cleaning the A/C units and touching up paint here and there. The Facilities Team is contacted every Tuesday to tell us what six hours they will be here the following week, which allows their schedule to be flexible and us the ability to plan projects in advance. This team reports to the Facilities Team Leader.

The Educational Programming Team reports directly to Patricia Sung, the Director of Educational Programming for Maker Education, Inc. Maker Education, Inc. is a separate company that operates out of Houston Makerspace and handles all of our classes and workshops. Volunteers on this team will technically be volunteering with MEI, not HMS. MEI is a federally recognized 501(c)(3). Volunteers in this position will be responsible for assisting Patricia in seeking and vetting instructors, scheduling classes, promotion, social media, etc.

Lastly, we have a team of volunteers that's part-facilities, part-operations that directly manages the shops. We may be looking for additional people for this team, but they should start on Operations, Facilities, or EP first and be moved to a shop position after showing proficiency and motivation.

Thanks for your interest! Together we can make a name for Houston in the global maker movement!

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