Imagine a place where creatives gather. Where thoughts and concepts are fabricated, tested, incubated and developed into highly valued works of genius. Houston Makerspace is that place. 

Houstonians now have access to an unparalleled arena of workspace offerings including a jewelry studio, metal shop, wood shop, rapid prototyping lab, textiles/sewing studio, and screen printing shop. Classrooms and desk space are also available.

Houston Makerspace takes the risk of opening and operating your own space out of the equation and reduces it to a fixed cost on which to base your business plans. You only pay for what you use, removing the burden of long leases.

Start with us, grow with us, make with us!

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For more information and to sign up for membership, please email us at info@houstonmakerspace.com


*Some shops require safety training. Some shops also require sign up for use of the more popular machines (i.e. the lasercutter)

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