Daily Drop-In Membership to Houston Makerspace

Daily Drop-In Membership to Houston Makerspace


Daily Drop-In Membership Features

All daily drop-in memberships are $20 per day and include:

  • Access to the lobby, kitchenette, classroom, co-working areas, conference rooms, computer lab, photo studio, garden and fenced parking lot during open hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10-8).
  • Access to our seven shops (wood, metal, rapid prototyping, print, ceramics, jewelry and textiles) during open hours.  Please plan ahead:  you must pass a proficiency test or take an orientation class in each shop you would like to use without supervision.
  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • Free access to general office needs (copying, printing, etc)
  • Access  to a diverse community of makers who can inspire, motivate, and collaborate
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